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Built to last, Muscat International Bitumen (MIB) provides strategic backing to the nation’s road expansion projects and construction schemes. Acting as the number one dealer and supplier of Bitumen products since 2011, MIB is fully on board with the Sultanate’s Omanization policy. MIB stands tall to support and represent Oman in all its current and future aspirations.

Driven To Deliver


Being a 100% Omani company, we are fully relied upon to supply and deliver Bitumen products to our customers across the country.


Facilitating the fast and responsive delivery of Bitumen to all scale of road construction schemes, Muscat International Bitumen (MIB) is dedicated in supporting the Sultanate of Oman, in its ambitious infrastructure plans.


Our company has the means, expertise and equipment to deliver a vast quantity of specified raw materials to anywhere in the country.


Our advantages are as follows;

- Fully automatic 4000MT storage facility

- Transport  facility with over 15 road tankers capable of supplying all over Oman

- Company-owned weight bridge with a 100MT capacity

- Company-owned bitumen carrier vessel with 1000MT capacity

- 24 hour/365 days dedicated service

Focused On You


Driven by core principles and objectives for our clients and the Bitumen industry, MIB lays down the path for future growth and development in Oman’s road construction schemes.


What’s makes MIB stand out from the rest?


- National Delivery

- World-Class Storage Solutions

- State-of-the-art facilities

- Strong Leadership & Promotion

- Dedicated Staff

- Ambition and Vision

- National Support


Through Ambition And Vision


We are expanding with the latest facilities and equipment, whilst retaining excellent service with our localised network of shipping agents and post service authorities, MIB is able to be responsive in meeting the construction and road building sectors’ demands.


In Business they say competition is good. Indeed for us at MIB, regional competition is the driving force behind our innovative plans for the future.


Currently analysing the existing supply chain of Bitumen we are finding new ways to simplify and transform the standard process below:


- Shipment of the Bulk product from Gulf terminals

- Planning to expand our facilities to produce various bitumen derivatives  such as MC’s, RC’s, SS1H and mainly for the production of

 Modified Bitumen (PMB)


Our Investment Plans at MIB seek to simplify this process, for cost-effective products and rapid service delivery. With ambition and necessary finance, MIB aims to:

- Implement a direct Pipe line from PDO to Tank

- Oversee the conversion to a Manufacturing Unit

- Undertake Joint Ventures with Refineries

- Increase the volume from 6,000 – 12,000 MT/month

Dedicated Staff


MIB leads the way in making private and public sector projects of all scales a reality in Oman. Priding itself on being 100% Omani company, our dedicated staff promises a safe and efficient 24/7 service to its customers.

National Support


On behalf of our senior management and all of our dedicated employees, MIB is eternally grateful for the wise leadership and guidance offered to us by His Majesty Sultan Qaboos Bin Said and his Government.


MIB remains forever inspired by the Omanization policy and the devotion shown for the progressive development of Oman.

Company Profile


A prime player in the expansion of Oman’s infrastructure since 2011, Muscat International Bitumen LLC (MIB) is driven to deliver across the country.


Through our dedicated 24/7 supply and delivery of Bitumen, MIB plays an integral role in the country’s development. Being the major facilitator forthe country’s largest Bitumen storage unit (4000 MT), MIB is a buoyant business in its own right.


MIB is entrusted by the Road Construction industries to support in unveiling a progressive new world for Oman. With 4000 MT delivered per month to 17 major national customers across the Sultanate, MIB makes for a professional and fully proficient business partner.

Our Clientele


Providing unrivalled customer satisfaction, MIB is the supplier of choice for many major national clients:

    Ali & Co Trading & Contracting LLC

    Best Infrastructure Developers LLC

    Desert Line Projects

    Khalid Bin Ahmed Sons

    Nasr Arabian Company

    Oman Gulf Company

    Tarmac Zawawi LLC

    Sambu Construction

    Premier Int. Project LLC

    Shanfari Partners Co. LLC

    Oman Building & Cont. Co. LLC


    Shanfari Trading


    Astaldi Oskar


    Oman Roads


MIB possesses the expertise and commercial insight to foresee and meet our client’s demands; around-the-clock and across the country. Our visionary plans for advancement enable us to lay the pathway for the future of the Bitumen industry and to ensure dedicated support in the road expansion schemes of Oman.


Prime movers in their own right, MIB has the means and capability to deliver. Simply, Our Journey starts before yours begins.

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